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Promote our music software at your web site and EARN 34% of the sale price!
Here's an example of what you could earn selling Guitar Power:

Copies Sold Your Profit
1 $10.18
10 $101.80
50 $509.00
100 $1018.00
1000 $10,180.00

All you have to do is promote our products via your web-site or opt-in mailing list - either by a product review, download or purchase links, banner ads, text ads - it's up to you!


Best of all, there's no risk to you:

  • The program is free to join
  • It's administered by a trusted third-party (ShareIt)
  • You don't have to purchase any 'stock' up front
  • You can access real-time stats online at any time
  • You'll get a monthly commision check mailed to you*
  • It's easy to get started

* Subject to a minimum of $100 per check. If you don't earn enough in any one month, your commision is held over for you until the next month or until you have earned enough.

It's easy! Follow these four simple steps...

Step 1. Sign up to the our affiliate program at ShareIT - click here now to sign up

Step 2. When your application has been approved you'll be sent a username and password to log on to your private area at the ShareIT site.

Step 3. Use our link generator to make your own personal links to the demo downloads, info and purchase pages. Place these links on your site along with any reviews, information, screenshots etc. You can find out more about how the links work on the link generator page.

Step 4. Start making money!

Need more information? Please contact us

Important: We have a strict 'NO SPAM' policy. We will not tolerate any member of the affiliate program using unsolicited commercial email to sell our products. Any member who violates this policy runs the risk of having their membership revoked without notice.

We look forward to welcoming you as a partner!

If you need help setting up links we'll be pleased to help - contact us here