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2. Select the product

Product Info Page
(the page at Jana Software that describes the product)

Product Trial (a direct link to the trial download file)

Direct Purchase Page
(the order processing page at ShareIt)

How the links work - #1 Product Info & Product Trial

When you create a link you will notice that it contains your personal affiliate ID as ShareIt. When a user clicks on a link at your site, three things happen:

1) The user is (invisibly) sent to the ShareIt site.
2) A cookie is set on the users computer containing your personal affiliate ID.
3) The user is forwarded on to the required page or trial download.

If, in the future, the user decides to purchase one of our products your affiliate ID is read from the cookie and you are credited with the sale. There are two important things to note about the cookies:

1) The cookie does not identify products. You will be credited with the sale of any of our products to users originating from you site.
2) The cookie remains active on the users computer for a period of 6 months. If the user makes multiple purchases during this period you will earn commission from all of them.

How the links work - #2 Direct Purchase Page

This is a link to the order page with your affiliate ID encoded into it. No cookies are used.

How to create a link

Assume that your affiliate ID is 98765 and you wish to create a link to the Guitar Power trial download using the words: 'Download a 30-day trial now!'

Enter your affiliate ID and selct the product above, this results in the following URL in the 'product trial' box:

You now need to make this URL the href of a <a> tag. (If you are using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage it's a lot easier! Just create links in the normal manner using the graphical interface.) The full HTML for our link would be:

<a href="
Download a 30-day trial now!</a>

If you need help setting up links or any further information we'll be pleased to help
Contact us at: