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index.php - home page
gp.php - guitar power main page
gp01.php - guitar power image #1
gp02.php - guitar power image #2
gp03.php - guitar power list of scales and chords
gp04.php- guitar power image #3
pet.php - pet main page
pet01.php - pet image #1
pet02.php - pet image #2
pet03.php - pet image #3
pet_a.php - pet aural training
gp_palm.php - guitar power palm
gp_palm03.php - guitar power palm list of scales and chords
fretboardmastery_palm.php - fretboard mastery palm
bassfretboardmastery_palm.php - bass fretboard mastery palm
musicgadgets_palm.php - music gadgets palm
capoassist_palm.php - guitar capo assistant palm
guitartuner_palm.php - palm guitar tuner
contact.php - contact us
affiliate.php - affiliate program
development.php - custom software development
guarantees.php - guarantees
register.php - purchase online
guitarlinks.php - guitar links
guitarlinks_add.php - add your guitar link for free

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